Heineken about to replicate the success of ‘Walk in Fridge’

Posted: December 21, 2010 by Alexander Nick in FMCG, Intelligent Recycling, Online Marketing, Viral, Youtube

Already five years ago Heineken unveiled a common global tag line (‘one brew, many counries’) which was supposed to sell its brand across borders and cultures. Now, Heineken is making a come back with a new international tag line that ‘opens your world’. The new viral campaign features 2010’s second best man a man could be after P&G’s Isaiah Mustafa and is about to reach 200.000 hits by today. This is quite remarkable as the spot has been uploaded on the 17th this month whereas the spot started to become popular only yesterday.

I believe that the fast success heavily piggybacks on previous spots such as Heineken’s Walk in Fridge and Walking Fridge. The brand has established an image as a successful repeat offender (check this recent and interesting read from Craig Daitch). In the collective brain of the online population Heineken is now associated to engaging advertising which the consumer is actively looking for. The new consumer is not a Pavlov’s dog any more that is one way educated by TV. Instead, the online consumer has turned into a cat, choosing who she wants to engage with and for how long. Still, she knows where to get the good food and comes back to it.

Online video has got the potential to leverage emotions across the world. This is why in 2005, when online video was not that potent yet, Heineken wasn’t quite successful with its international approach but now is going to open a new world in its internationally unifying marketing efforts. A great exemplary ending for the year 2010 forecasting what 2011 will be all about for international marketers.


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