Emotional Advertising.

Posted: October 4, 2010 by Alexander Nick in Uncategorized
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There have been a few major trends when it comes to the content of videos ads going: The usual suspects usually were cute animals, even cuter babies, humor and discussion stirring fake videos which created plenty of buzz spreading the ads around the globe. Three ads from Thailand though seem to hint to a new trend: Emotional advertising.

You might have seen before this Pantene commercial from Thailand which tells the heartwarming story of a deaf girl which competes against an evil pianist in a music competition. It is very interesting how the product benefit of ‘shine’ is communicated in the spot. P&G’s marketers have done a tremendous job connect the spot which makes the viewer to voluntarily expose herself to the 4 minutes long commercial. The spot has been watched more than 4million time, mainly by English speakers (48%) but also by Chinese speaking (28%) users.

One of the rising stars in the same category is the insurance company Thailife. Right now, 2 older spots are trending and might reach a similar amount of views. One ad tells the sad and heartwarming story of a girl suffering from final-stage leukemia who is asked by her boyfriend to marry him. The other ad is about a mother which urges doctors to deliver her baby early so that her dying husband may hold her before he passes away.

No matter if this trend is going to continue it shows that in our globally connected world advertising is still prone to different cultural contexts. Using similar stories for the purpose of advertising would be in most of Europe culturally unacceptable. Still, most of the views originate from English speaking users (the ‘marry me video is mainly viewed by English speaking audience (70%), only 9% of the viewers are from Indonesia and 16% speak Chinese). Often, Asian societies are a very difficult terrain for Western marketers who are unaware of local customs. Rather than just learning local cultural differences for crafting effective advertising messages for local consumers, we should try to adopt the best strategies and transfer them to test them out with Western and global audiences.


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