Sex sells.

Posted: June 5, 2010 by Alexander Nick in Sex Sells, Viral
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You always knew it, right? Sex sells. No questions asked.

However, a brand manager has to ask himself two questions: First, how not to only arouse the viewer but also get a connection to the product… Well, that’s probably more a question for the agency, shall those creative guys deal with it, whilst you have your intern creating your next powerpoint presentation. However, second and more importantly, is the question how to convince that a little bit conservative top management that this is the right approach.

Lets’ take a look at a newly risen sexy viral. Sponsored by Fortnight Lingerie and created by Red Urban: Super Sexy CPR

Lessons learned:

  • If nobody knows you there is little to lose but much to win. Maybe that should convince your bosses up there. Seriously, have you heard about Fortnight Lingerie before? If you are male, most likely not. But now that brand is stuck in your head and odds are reasonably high that you visited their website and plan to get one of that cute little undies so that your girlfriend animates your breath. However, if you are a female maybe you have heard about it. Yet, the chances that the brand image suffers are quite low due to the explicit nature of the ad. Because then most likely you won’t be looking at that movie anyways and your friends wont seed it to you.
  • Get (a) legit(imate reason). Whilst enjoying that clip we have learned something today. CPR is a serious topic and people should be reminded of it once in a while. Having models doing it in underwear just ads pleasure but gives you a nice shield against criticism. So have your agency guys thinking about it. For instance you could save the rainforest, promote moral courage…
  • Oh, and finally you find the pressure point between the nipples.

But what if your brand is known and you have a lot to lose, what then?

Okay, you got me there, but of course I am prepared. Let’s focus on a well known clip (by females) of Old Spice which scored more than 10 million views so far on youtube:

Lesson learned:

  • Distinguish between the end-consumer and the purchase decision maker.


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