Recycling does work: Ozzy Osbourne scores 1.3+ million views in 5 days

Posted: June 5, 2010 by Alexander Nick in Intelligent Recycling, Viral
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Today I want to challenge to some extend an online marketing rule: Great ideas don’t score buzz twice in the viral world. You probably remember the million dollar homepage. Predictably, the 2 million dollar homepage didn’t sell a single pixel. Copying ideas does not work. Intelligent recycling, however, does. Ozzy Osbourne may not be the brightest kid anymore, but his marketers definitely are. In order to promote his new album, Ozzy was sent to Madame Tussauds’ Wax Museum where he scared some people. It’s a perfect match since his new album is entitled ‘Scream”. Interestingly, the concept is quite old and has been used in quite a few prank shows. Nevertheless, it still works. One of the reasons is that the clip perfectly suits fun blogs; those bloggers will post the clip which will further help swell the amounts of views. In addition, seeding to such blogs is quite easy and effective… 645,656 followers on twitter doesn’t hurt either.

Maybe it’s worth having your agency’s creative team take a look at some old episodes of Punk’d, Just for Laughs, Balls of Steel or even Candid Camera and recycle some of that pre-youtube material.

Lesson learned:

  • Intelligent recycling works.

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